Hello, I’m Natasha and I just turned 50. Whoaa… Wait a minute. Fifty. FIFTY? How the f$&@ does that even happen? It’s complete craziness. But it’s not the craziest thing ever…. 

The craziest thing ever (at least in my own private *ever*) is not only that I have reached life’s proverbial midpoint, but I’m also mama to a 3.5 year old. What?! Yep. I got myself accidentally knocked up at the seasoned age of 46.

So here I am: at the confluence of middle age and motherhood, juggling parenting and perimenopause, anti aging products and aging parents, carpools and colonoscopies…. And I’m here for every beautiful minute of it.

I’ll be sharing my adventures, and inviting you to share your own, right here on my new website, and in my Midlife Mamas Facebook community (Join us!).

Because if I’ve learned anything since becoming a mom in my 40s, it’s that the parenting books aren’t written for us; the mommies from the mommy blogs don’t look like us; and the younger moms at our kid’s preschools don’t think the way we do. It can be very lonely here in the nether reaches of mom-hood and it can be hard to find our tribe.

But there are more of us than ever, as a steadily-increasing number of women are choosing to become parents later in life. And we need each other. We need other mamas who share our life experiences, our cultural references, and our hard-earned wisdom. We need one another to lean on and to hold up. We are stronger, more powerful, more self aware, and more willing to be vulnerable than we ever have been before. Together, we can tackle the multitude of challenges, and harness the myriad opportunities, unique to older motherhood.

Thanks for being here and for joining me on the wildness of this midlife motherhood ride. ❤️

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