Let’s equip our kids to be the earth-friendly decision makers of tomorrow.

Here are seven tips to help you raise kiddos who are knowledgable and compassionate about this beautiful orb we call home, so they can make decisions that are friendly to themselves, each other, and the planet.

Get Outside

Start small. The simple act of going outside is enough. Go out there and have a look around. Talk about what you experience. Enjoy the natural world together!

Get Dirty

Jump in puddles, dig in the dirt, search for worms, and build tree forts. Allow them to immerse themselves in all the wonderful textures. Their senses will be stimulated by everything they’re touching, seeing, and smelling!

Plant Together

You don’t have to plant an entire garden. Give them a potted plant to tend to, help them water the flowers in the yard, expose them to how water and light and care help things to grow.

Read Books About Nature

Seek out stories that feature earth-friendly narratives. Read about our Earth and the many creatures that inhabit it. Talk about how amazing it is that we share this incredible planet with such a wide variety of species.

Explore Edible Plants

Search for and harvest edible plants and fruits. Make it a playful game as you learn together about safe, responsible foraging practices and enjoy munching on the tasty free snacks that are all around us!

Foster Curiosity

Nurturing your child’s curiosity is a great way to help him build a connection with the natural world. Encourage his questions and seek out answers together.

Practice Wonder

Modeling our own wonder can be one of the most powerful ways to nurture our childrens’ natural sense of wonder. Pay attention to the world around you, point out things that catch your eye, share your delight and enthusiasm with your little one. It’s contagious!

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