Seven tips to get growing together.

Gardening together is such a great way to get quality one-on-one time. 

It  promotes team building and optimizes communication skills while also fostering a sense of purpose and responsibility. 

Taking care of those little plant babies, making sure they get enough food and light and water is also a great way to instill mindfulness in your kiddos (and yourself!).

Plus, it’s just super fun! Here are seven tips to help you get growing together.

Understand your Plant Hardiness Zone so you can make smart decisions about what to grow, when to plant, how often to water, and other location-specific info that’ll help set up your garden (and your little gardener) for success.

RESOURCE: planthardiness.ars.usda.gov

Having tools on hand that your child feels comfortable using, that fit him, and that aren’t too unweildy or heavy will help him hit the ground running (or digging).

Plot out a small area for your child to develop a relationship with: let him prepare the soil, plant the seeds, water, and care for his little spot. His sense of ownership and agency will help him stay engaged in the gardening process.

Include your child in the plant selection process. Let him choose plants that are visually interesting or that offer cool attributes (like attracting butterflies!).

Take your child to farms or farmer’s markets where they can get inspired and connect the dots to better understand where their food comes from.

They may want to garden in their own special way (my guy does his digging with a toy excavator!). As long as they are having fun, learning, and exploring in the garden it’s a win!

Few things in life are as fundamentally rewarding as eating food that you’ve grown yourself. Let your little one graze freely on the fruits of his labors!

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