Have you been mistaken for your kiddo’s grandma?

Let’s admit it: one of the things we fear when we have a child later in life is that people might assume we’re the grandmother. When I decided to grow out my natural gray hair, I knew it was just a matter of time before this happened to me.

Well, it finally did happen recently at my kid’s preschool. I walked into his classroom to pick him up and one of the other boys said to a boy next to him: “Hey, it that your mom?” The second boy replied: “No, that’s Finn’s grandma.”

Now, the perpetrator in this instance was a child so I couldn’t go ballistic, I mean get too bent out of shape about it, but I’ll tell you it was rattling! It got me thinking about what I would say if an adult had said something similar. You know, the way we all come up with the perfect comeback long after the moment has passed? I wanted to be prepared so that next time this happens I can land a solid one-liner with that oh-so-perfect comic timing.

And I want you to be prepared too…. so I’m sharing my best tips below! Has this happened to you? What have you said—or what would you say—when someone mistakes you for one of your child’s more elderly relatives? 

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