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Motherhood, aging, finding purpose, and the great power of being smack dab in the middle of it all.

As a professional storyteller—and with a wealth of stories of my own—I aim to tailor a message and an experience that will continue to resonate with your audience long after our time together has ended. I speak to groups on topics related to aging, motherhood later in life, navigating change, and leaving a legacy of impact. 

As a podcast guest, my surprising late life plot twist (pregnant at 46 — whoops!) and the insights I’ve gained in its wake speak to the immense power of rolling with the punches, finding meaning in the present moment (even when you’re changing a diaper and having a hot flash at the same time), and giving oneself the grace to grow into your most authentic self.

In my role as an agency founder (MATTERHORN) and communications strategist, I work with nonprofit boards, teams, and stakeholders to facilitate strategic planning, community building, and to train personnel on impact marketing. 

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Crafting an Actionable Road Map to the Change You Seek

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Living a Life Of Purpose and Leaving a Legacy of Impact

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Charting a Course Forward When Everything Falls Apart

Compass: Charting a Course Forward When Everything Falls Apart

"Few people weave a yarn in quite the way Natasha does. As a strategic storyteller, she truly has a gift. As a woman with a fascinating story of her own, she is a total delight. And the combination of the two makes her an inspiration; a profoundly satisfying presence for all lucky enough to find themselves in the same room with her."

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My perspective centers the messy middle of life, offering anecdotes, experience, and tools to help audience members realize they aren't alone, they aren't crazy, and there isn't as much space as they thought there was between where they are today and where they aim to be.
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