I empower changemaking women to make positive impacts in their lives, communities, and in the world. 

Want to do "more" but don't know where to start? Have a big idea but need help getting traction?

My coaching practice is geared toward helping you:

I see my role as a steward, supporting you on your journey to become the most actualized, authentic, impactful version of yourself.

My Process

Utilizing the same “Impact Mapping System” I used for 20 years to help my organizational clients be successful, I help purposeful women clarify their vision, optimize their unique talents and gifts, and amplify their impact.

We all have deep motivating factors influencing our choices, those we've made in the past and those we'll make in the future. Uncovering these motivators; whether they've propelled us or held us back, is foundational to moving forward with sustained energy toward new results.
Being crystal clear about where it is we hope to arrive, envisioning what it looks and feels like, and identifying how we will know once we've arrived, is the first step toward creating an "Impact Map" that will empower us to move skillfully and strategically toward our goals.
Assessing, with honesty and without judgement, where we are now in relation to our truest, most meaningful and authentic outcomes, gives us the starting place from which to chart an actionable series of steps that chart a new course from where we are now to where we most deeply want to be.
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Let's close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

Let’s work together to explore and discover your deeper purpose, then turn that purpose into practice. 

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