As midlife moms—tending to our children, households, careers, and even aging parents—our own self care and personal health can often take a back seat to that of our loved ones.

But, just like that old airplane analogy of putting on our own oxygen masks before fitting them onto our kids, when we don’t take care of our needs, we aren’t able to be the moms we most want to be.

So how can we integrate health and wellness habits in ways that fit our busy lives? How can we maximize our fulfillment, energy, and sense of balance in this season of hormonal, lifestyle, and physical change?

My 10 Self Care Tips for First Time Moms Over 40 have been lovingly curated for moms like us. I hope they inspire you to prioritize your health and wellness, incorporate self care as a practice into your daily life, and discover a deeper connection with yourself along the way.

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