Can you relate? I am in transition in so many ways right now… transitioning to my natural gray hair, transitioning away from the work I’ve done for 20 years, transitioning (still, after 3.5 years, and maybe forever?) from a single lady to a mama and partner, transitioning into my middle years (recently turned 50!).

That last one feels like the biggest, most fitting metaphor of all. I’m quite literally in the middle of it. All of it. No longer in the old place, the old me, the old life, and not yet entirely in the new one. Just smack dab in the midst of change.

Maybe, in reality, this is where we always are? Maybe our sense of having left or arrived is but an illusion, a story we tell ourselves to avoid having to live in the in-between? I’m trying to allow myself to be right where I am, to resist both the tendency toward nostalgia and the urge to make progress. I’m trying to just let it be and see what unfolds.

How do you maintain presence, find solace, and feel content in the here and now? I’d love to hear how you’re managing the in-between. l’ll take all the tips I can get!

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