My path to motherhood was certainly a nontraditional one, but I’m far from alone. Did you see the recent report from the US Census Bureau stating that birthrates have declined for women in their 20s and jumped for women in their late 30s and early 40s?

As more and more women opt to become mothers later in life, or not to bear biological children at all, the face of motherhood is truly changing. Those of us who have arrived at motherhood in our middle years have done so after journeys that are sometimes heartbreaking, often heartwarming, and always deeply personal. While the roads we’ve traveled have been uniquely our own, together we represent a collective shift in what motherhood looks like today. Still, our stories are wildly underrepresented.

I’m collecting the personal stories of women who entered motherhood when they were 35 or older, to be part of an online Midlife Mamas story archive. Together, we can find community in our shared experiences, while also broadening the common perspective of what motherhood looks like.

Did you become a mother, through birth, adoption, fostering, marriage, or other means when you were over 35? I’d be honored if you’d consider sharing your story. Thank you!

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