My husband and I will celebrate being together for 19 years this summer, 13 of them married. I remember when I was younger that my “plan” for life was to have my first child at around 28-30. I honestly was starting to try to come to terms with the fact that I might not be a mom when I found out I was pregnant shortly after turning 39. Despite being an “elderly primigravida” I found a very experienced OB who didn’t consider me high-risk. I was so grateful my daughter waited until I started my maternity leave (technically 2 weeks before my due date) to make her appearance. Labor was definitely something and finally ended in an unplanned c-section 38 hours after my water broke because, just like her daddy, Emmeline Maven was sunny side up.

While sometimes I do wish I had my daughter younger just so I could have a little more energy for her, I honestly am grateful I had her when I did. As an older mom, I have more patience and acceptance than I did 10-15 years ago and I’m just enjoying how much she’s making me look at everything through a new lens.

I keep getting told she’s basically a mini copy of my husband with a little bit of me sprinkled in. My husband has been the best dad and partner I could ever hope for and we’re looking forward to (and slightly terrified of) Emme turning 2 this May. 

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