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When I had my son, Finn, at the “seasoned” age of 46, I couldn’t find a community of other older mamas who shared my life experience, wisdom, and cultural references. So I started one!

Midlife Mamas is a community of women who became mothers over the age of 40. It’s fun, informative, and absolutely FREE to join. I can’t wait to see you inside!

xo, Natasha

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"I’m glad you’re running this group, Natasha. Your vibe and energy make for such a supportive and active community. I appreciate you!"

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What You'll Find Inside

I provide original content, resources, and conversation starters each and every week. Helping members connect, engage, and learn from one another. Below is just a sampling of the weekly offerings inside Midlife Mamas. I hope you’ll join us!

Virtual Event Series with Expert Guests

Lunchtime conversations right inside the group, covering a variety of topics relevant to mamas in the middle of their lives.
New Friends for In-Person Meetups
Our group is a space where any member can create and host an event: from mamas' nights out, to play groups, to cultural events, and more.
Monthly Themed Growth Circles
Growth Circles are small intimate groups of mamas from our community gathering around a monthly theme to connect, learn, and grow together.
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Coffee Talk: Community Chat
Our open chat room, where you can connect with other midlife moms in real time. Can't sleep? Pop into the chat. Chances are there is another mama looking for late night company too.

"I have been looking for a group like this forever!"

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