I started trying at 26. After 6 miscarriages and 1 still birth, we “oops” got pregnant when I was 43. The pregnancy before my daughter was a DS still birth. My mom’s heart stopped the same day as my son’s.

Pregnancy threw my body into chaos. The 2 years after she was born, I could not easily move.

Raising a kid without my mom is hard. My Dad can’t help. Finding like-minded moms my age is hard. My 3.5 year old’s best friends mom is 22. Many of my friends are grandparents.

Would I do it again? Hell, yeah. Do I want one more (at 46)? Double yes!

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  1. That is wonderful that you finally became pregnant after so many attempts, and I say go for it again (at 46!). I really empathize with you about the issue of not having parents who can help out, whether it be due to their being elderly, deceased, etc. That’s probably one of the biggest drawbacks of being an older mama. Fortunately, I’ve found that my friends with older teens or grown-up children seem to miss being around little ones and actually want to help out!

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