When I became a mom at 46, no single self-care tool was more essential to me in navigating that huge life transition than my journaling practice. Through daily journaling, I worked through my fears about motherhood, processed the complex emotions I was experiencing, and literally rewrote my own story.

I know from my own experience that journaling can be an amazing way to reflect on your thoughts and feelings, track your progress, and set new goals and aspirations. But I also know that, whether you are new to journaling or a seasoned journaler, it can sometimes be tough to know what to write about!

That’s why I created the Write Your Truth Journaling Toolkit. Inside this FREE downloadable PDF booklet, you’ll find a collection of daily writing prompts, powerful exercises, and self-care tips to help you get started with journaling and make it a regular part of your life.

What’s inside the Write Your Truth Toolkit:

  • 365 Journal Prompts: A lovingly-curated collection of daily writing prompts for a full year of reflection and personal growth.
  • 3 Powerful Activities: Three powerful exercises to help you dive into your heart and release the limiting beliefs holding you back.
  • 10 Self-Care Tips: Tips to support your mental and physical wellness as you integrate journaling into your routine.
  • Journaling for Self-Discovery Tips & Resources
  • Journaling Pages & Planners to Support Your Writing Routine

If you are feeling disconnected from your heart and from what makes you feel most alive, or you are yearning to know yourself better and to honor and elevate your unique gifts, download the Write Your Truth Toolkit and start discovering the role journaling can play in your self-discovery and personal growth!

Get the toolkit right here>>

Write Your Truth Journaling Toolkit
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