As older mamas, sometimes it can feel like we’re past our prime, like our moment is gone, like we had our chance and we didn’t carpe the diem. Or whatever. Screeeechh…. Stop. I call BS on that line of thinking.

Here’s the thing: by the time we reach our 40s we are like these big graceful rolling snowballs of wisdom and strength. We’ve gathered so many experiences, learned so many lessons, and we’re still cruising along, picking up more depth and complexity as we go. We are beautifully layered and multifaceted, comprised of billions of tiny sparkling stories.

Our mission as midlife moms is to continue rolling ever closer to our most authentic, genuine selves. The more real we are, the more self-aware, self-possessed, and self-actualized, the better role models we will be for our children, and the richer the legacy we will leave behind for them when we go.

Midlife is the time to stop pleasing everyone else, being who we think we are expected to be, “measuring up” and “fitting in.” Cuz, as it turns out, we’re just the right age and we have plenty of time. This IS our prime. Our moment is right NOW.

If you’re ready to roll into your most authentic, impactful chapter of life yet, the doors will be opening soon for the next cohort of Live Your Legacy, my impact accelerator for change-making women. Click the link to learn more!

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