If the little voice in your head is anything like mine, she sees her role in life as your onboard reality-checker.

She’s constantly asking and reminding: Can you REALLY do this? Are you REALLY ready? What if yada-yada-worst-case-scenario happens? What if it doesn’t work out? What if you fail?

Living with her in our heads is dwelling in impossibility. And how does it make us feel? It makes us feel small, incapable, trapped. Womp womp.

The good news? We can evict her! Send her packing and invite a new voice to take up residence. A voice of possibility, openness, and trust in ourselves.

Try shifting your internal dialogue this week. Try inhabiting what’s possible. Ask and remind yourself: What if this works out exactly as I hope it will? What if I succeed brilliantly? What if the best case scenario happens? And lean into those answers. How do you feel now? Expansive, elevated, excited, ready? Yes!

Here’s to possibility.

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