The craziest thing that ever happened to me was an unexpected pregnancy at 46. I hadn’t planned to have kids (I didn’t think it was possible after an infertility diagnosis in my 20s), and when those first signs of pregnancy showed up, I figured it was menopause. Spoiler: it wasn’t! 

So here I am: hanging out on the corner of motherhood and middle age, juggling parenting and peri-menopause, anti-aging products and aging parents, carpools and colonoscopies…. And I’m here for every minute of it. 

I launched Midlife Mama to support and connect with other women who became mothers later in life. Together, we are boldly and beautifully redefining the bounds of motherhood. I share my adventures, and invite you to share your own, right here on my website and also in my Midlife Mamas Community on Facebook.