Welcome to my inaugural Friday Roundup!

As a voracious consumer of popular culture and a savvy spelunker of random internet rabbit holes, I’m constantly running across interesting things online that make me think: why doesn’t everyone know about this?! Or, wait, maybe they do? Then how am I the last to know about this?

I decided to start cataloguing these little bytes of news, opportunity, and musings that come across the transom during the week, and then to offer them up to you in the form of my new #FridayRoundup. 

Did you see something, read something, or discover something fascinating online this week? Share with me in the comments! 

App: Storyteller by MHN

A daily encouragement app by Morgan Harper Nichols (who you need to go follow on Instagram right this minute if you aren’t already). It’s beauty, self care, morning motivation, journaling, and more, all rolled into one perfectly pleasing package. Get it here >

Listen: Rich Roll with Mel Robbins

I’m a long time fan of both Rich Roll and Mel Robbins. This week the two got together in the Rich Roll studio to record the latest episode of his podcast. And, wow, it was really powerful. If you are someone (or if you love someone) who has struggled with anxiety, you might just find their conversation as illuminating as I did. Listen here >

Deep Dive: The Truth and Tragedy of Moriah Wilson

Since it was announced last May that gravel cyclist Moriah Wilson had been murdered in Austin, her accused killer has received the bulk of the media attention. New this week in Bicycling is the first article I’ve seen that focuses entirely on Moriah. It is meticulously researched, beautifully written, and, like so many aspects of this tale, totally heartbreaking. Read it here >

Shop: The Perfect Mom Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are the ideal item of clothing for the midlife mama. They’re cute, cozy, comfortable, and still put together enough to make you feel like you’re actually circulating amongst the living. This one is ethically produced, it’s corduroy (swoon!), has a zip front for easy on and off, and POCKETS! ‘Nuf said.  Get it here >

Art: People I've Loved

I love the simple relationship truths in Carissa Potter Carlson’s (@peopleiveloved) illustrations. I have this print in my kitchen and lately I’ve been ogling her travel mugs and cards. “Humans are so complicated,” reads her bio. “Art, objects, and other things to help you feel a little less alone.” Visit her website >

Read: Lighter by Yung Pueblo

It’s taken me five decades to set forth earnestly down the path of healing the traumas of my childhood (better late than never, right?). Writers like Yung Pueblo make taking those first steps so much more joyful and less scary. His new book is Lighter and I can’t wait to dive into it this weekend. Learn more here >

Follow: @jenniferkirschfitness

As I make more intentional lifestyle choices to help mitigate the effects of fluctuating hormones (darn you, perimenopause!), I’ve sought out influencers who inspire me to eat differently, move differently, and gain new understanding of my hormones and their impact on my physical and emotional health. A new follow for me this week is @jenniferkirschfitness and I’m loving her insights.  Follow her >

Give: Mushroom Mugs

I mean, come on! Are these not just the absolute cutest? If you need a sweet hostess gift for under $20 I feel like one of these little darlin’s would be a no brainer. Plus, for those of us mamas who have switched from real coffee to mushroom coffee in the interest of hormone stabilization, these are like a pun in a cup!  View them here >

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you get to relax, unwind, and take some time for yourself, in addition to being with those you love.

xo, Natasha

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