resources for midlife mamas

My downloadable resources and mini courses are aimed at helping you make the most of this season of life. Browse below and let me know if you have a resource request!


Self care tips for first time moms over 40 by Natasha Dworkin

As midlife moms—tending to our children, households, careers, and even aging parents—our personal health often takes a back seat to that of our loved ones. Download my free guide to prioritizing your own wellness so you can be the mom you most want to be.


A curated collection of daily writing prompts to empower a full year of reflection and self discovery. Bust through writer's block and allow your thoughts to flow freely, so you can leverage the power of journaling, deepen your self awareness, and renew your sense of purpose. 


When we are seeking something, yearning for “more,” we often look outward. But the key to unlocking our most fulfilling, authentic, and meaningful days lies within. Download my 25-page personal discovery workbook and let your journey of exploration begin.

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My comprehensive guide to the habits and hacks that have helped me regain my vibrancy, energy, and enthusiasm in this season of life. Here's hoping they'll help you too!

My big list of all the resources, accounts, and sources I lean on to help me learn, grow, parent, get some much needed comic relief, and harness the absolute amazingness of the midlife mama season.

Longing to "do more," to make a difference, but can't imagine adding anything else to your already full plate? My free mini course will help you gain clarity on the change you seek, and craft an actionable road map to take you there.

Let’s work together to explore and discover your deeper purpose, then turn that purpose into practice.