"More than anything, I hope you carve out a purpose for yourself, a calling beyond your own survival, a sweet offering to the world….

Not everyone is meant to raise a picket sign. And yet each of us can choose a path of impact. Rearing your children with affection and warmth is a form of activism. Honoring your word impeccably is a way to raise your voice. Performing your job with excellence—with your chin high and your standards higher—is as powerful as any protest march. Sowing into the lives of young people is a worthy crusade. That is what it means to leave this world of ours more lit up than we found it.” 


The journey to your most meaningful chapter yet... begins here.

I’m so glad you’re here. My passion is helping soulful, mission-driven women put their purpose into practice, no matter their age.

Because it’s never too late to make an impact, to do the work you were meant to do, to live a life that shimmers with authenticity.

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Geriatric mother Natasha Dworkin

I'm Here to Help You Manifest Your Next Transformation. Ready?

I’ve worked as a professional change maker for more than two decades, helping nonprofits, educational institutions, and for-purpose companies tell their stories, amplify their impact, and change the world. I like to say I’ve built a career of “helping do-gooders do better.”

I’ve also spent much of my life navigating profound, and often unexpected change: The latest shift of course being when I had an unplanned pregnancy at the age of 46. My entire vision of myself and of my life was altered along with my decision to bear that child, to partner with his father, and to become a family. 

My new identity as a mother wasn’t something I slipped easily into. I’d been a fiercely independent, single, world-traveling solo gal for most of my adulthood and I’d fallen in love with my life and how I lived it. While I was equally in love with my new child and with being his mother, blossoming into that role fully meant also transforming beyond the woman I’d been before. I was determined to do that in ways that still honored her and allowed my son to really know the many parts of me and my story.

I took my proprietary Change Maker’s Road Map, the exact tool I’ve used with my clients for 20 years, and I used it to reflect on my own change, the impact I wanted to have in my own life, in my son’s, and in my community, and I began to chart a course toward a new iteration of me.

I now use my experience as a personal and professional navigator of change to help other women who are seeking—or who have found themselves in—transformation. Together we explore the roots of where we came from and what has led us to where we are today; we dig into who we are in this moment; and we create an actionable road map to the life we most deeply desire.

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Ever with you on the journey,

xo Natasha

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