Once you have made a shift internally, you start seeing affirmations of that change EVERYWHERE. Do you know what I mean?

Think of a car when you decide to get a new / used car: you finally narrow it down and decide which kind of car will best suit your needs. Then, suddenly, you see that car everywhere you go. You seem to be surrounded by that model of car!

But you aren’t really surrounded; the manufacturer didn’t miraculously release hundreds more of those cars into your environment. It’s just that you decided. Then your brain got the memo and your eyes attuned themselves to notice that car when it crosses your path.

When you change inside, when you experience a frame shift, when you decide on something, you begin to see the world around you in different ways. You see opportunities where you may not have noticed them before. You start to be aware of the many doors that are open to you, which you may have previously assumed to be closed.

Doing the work to change what’s inside is key to changing what’s on the outside.

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