When Finn was a newborn and his papa went back to work, I loved the quiet minutes in the early morning when the baby was sleeping and the house was empty.

I would do my coffee-making routine (I’m a lifelong Seattleite; coffee is a sacred thing and making it is a PROCESS).

Then I’d snuggle into a blanket and sit in a sunny spot to enjoy my cuppa….

As Finn got bigger, Mama’s Morning Moment morphed into stolen sips of cold coffee between diaper changes. But I really came to miss those peaceful mornings on my own and I resolved to reclaim my little ritual.

First, I tried instructing Finn to leave me alone and be quiet while I drank my coffee. I told him he could play on his own near me or upstairs in his room, but that he couldn’t talk to me. Yeah, I’ll give you one guess how that worked out.

But then I got a milk frother. And—*cue the operatics*—it was like the key to the long-locked door to solitude had been rediscovered!  Finn, obsessed with anything mechanical, was fascinated by the inner workings of the frother. He wanted to watch it froth, help mama press the button, and spoon the foamy goodness into my mug for me. He even wanted to help me wash it when I was done using it!

At some point I started offering him some of the frothy goodness. I got him his own tiny mug and cute little stirring spoon. I let him sprinkle his own cinnamon on top of his milk. Pretty soon the Morning Moment was back! He’d sit quietly beside me on the couch, carefully ladling his frothy milk into his mouth, while I reveled in the joy of a few silent moments to contemplate life (or scroll my phone).

It’s turned into such a win/win: I get my cozy morning moment back and Finn and I have some sweet silent time together before the reality of the day takes hold.

Here are the deets of our morning moments together: The milk frother we got is a @bodum and we adore it (#thisisnotanad). I just put the frothed milk atop my pour-over @equalexchange coffee and Finn has his with a dash of cinnamon and honey. We often listen to @upfirstnpr podcast to get a quick rundown of the news of the day.

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