Do you experience #momguilt? You know, that insidious little tickle in your gut reminding you that you’re doing it all wrong? Here are 8 things off the top of my head that we need to stop feeling guilty about right now. What else would you add?

  •  Looking forward to bedtime
  •  Not listening the 500th time they tell us the same story
  •  Hiding the good snacks
  •  Leaving the dishes in the sink overnight
  •  Having that glass of wine after they’re in bed
  •  Taking a solo getaway
  •  Letting them nap, watch, play just a little too long
  •  Not feeling guilty when we leave them

Next time you feel those familiar pangs of guilt, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and remember:


 When you get these things you are a better HUMAN, WOMAN, MOM

 Your children will learn from your model of self-respect and self-care

 Everyone WINS!

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