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The Midlife Mama Blog features Natasha's latest posts about motherhood and midlife, as well as Midlife Mama Stories from our community of later-in-life moms.


Resources for Midlife Mamas

Let's make the next chapter of life your most vibrant and meaningful one yet.

Self care tips for first time moms over 40 by Natasha Dworkin

10 Self Care Tips for First Time Moms Over 40

As midlife moms—tending to our children, households, careers, and even aging parents—our personal health often takes a back seat to that of our loved ones. Download my free guide to prioritizing your own wellness so you can be the mom you most want to be.

Write Your Truth Toolkit

365 Journal Prompts

A curated collection of daily writing prompts to empower a full year of reflection and self discovery. Bust through writer's block and allow your thoughts to flow freely, so you can leverage the power of journaling, deepen your self awareness, and renew your sense of purpose.

Find Your Why by Natasha Dworkin

Find Your Why & Put Your Purpose Into Practice

Knowing and harnessing your Why is the key to putting your purpose into practice. In this powerful exercise from my flagship group program, Live Your Legacy, you'll explore the forces behind your deepest desires and how you'll bring them to bear in the next miraculous chapter of your life.​


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